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The best winter season has come! Enjoy a delightful winter wonderland at Rokko Snow Park!

This weather here in Kobe is considerably cold compared to that of the regular year. On top of that, we often experience snowfall even in the downtown area. It’s definitely the best season for winter sports!

Given the current corona pandemic situation, it’s quite difficult to meet up with friends at crowded indoor places. Instead, how about going to an outdoor location to enjoy skiing and snowboarding while feeling the super fresh air and taking a deep breath? The Rokko Snow Park is undoubtedly one of the ultimate choices!

The Rokko Snow Park is surrounded by Mt. Rokko’s abundant nature, and what’s more, it’s highly regarded as a winter theme park which is very conveniently accessible in the Hanshin region. It only takes approx. 35 minutes from Sannomiya, Kobe and 60 minutes from the downtown Osaka area to get to the Park.

Look at this white snow world with a clear blue sky! The view will go way beyond your expectations. It’s just situated within an hour away from Kobe and Osaka.

The Rokko Snow Park is open daily until March 6th (Sun). As the Park offers a variety of services for beginners to advanced, please feel free to visit here along with friends, a significant other, or family members!

In this season, snowboarding is allowed all day as well as skiing. Plus, reliable schools for kids, adults, and families are held to support visitors with different levels. Moreover, they will extend their opening hours until 8pm! If you feel like playing in the amazing snow world, today is the day!

Rental gear fully prepared! Just bring yourself!

Also, the latest model of rental gear is lined-up. Skis, ski poles, snowboards, suits, jackets, boots, gloves, and more. You name it, they’ve got it! Just bring yourself!

Please check out their extensive rental collection for kids as well. The sizes start from 90 cm (height). You don’t have to purchase any gear items for kids in advance.

Check out the detailed information↓

*As the preventive measure for the coronavirus pandemic, their rental items are disinfected with alcohol and outfits and gloves are thoroughly dry-sterilized with high heat (over 70 degrees Celsius).

Select your favorite slope based on your level!
1st slope (Right side / for beginners) and 2nd slope (Left side / for intermediate and advanced visitors)

One of the best things about the Snow Park is that you can pick your favorite slope depending on your style and level. Both slopes will cover various types of skiers and snowboarders.

Facility map:

Also, as a practice zone for super beginners is well organized, they are secure and comfortable to practice until they feel confident enough to try the slopes.

Ski lift at 1st slope (for 2 people)
If you’re not used to the lift, their friendly staff members will guide you. Two types of lifts (A type and B type) are provided in the Park. As B type moves slower than A type and the slope of B type’s landing point is gentle, B type lift is recommended for beginners.

Extensive school programs
Weekdays Special Package Offer!
Don’t miss out on this affordable promotion package for skiers and snowboarders! It’s only available on weekdays! (*Reservation required)
Price: 10,000 yen
Participation condition: Middle school student age and older

The offer includes:
1: Admission ticket
2: One-day lift ticket
3: Rental outfit service
4: Lesson fee

For more information↓

Also check out their popular ski school specialized for preschoolers called “Snoil Kids School”!
Kids can easily learn ski basics while enjoying the snow.

More information about schools↓ (English) (Japanese)

The Snow Land
Let’s play in the snow with family members!

The Snow Land is an area for sledding and playing with snow. It’s an ideal place for families to play together.

“Snow Tube” (until the end of January)
Snow tube is an attraction for kids and available only on Saturday, Sunday, and national holiday of January (*except January 22nd). The admission fee is free!
Enjoy bumping into the walls while sliding down the course! Fun and exciting voices of kids are heard throughout the surrounding area!

“Snow Strider” (Starting from February)

Detailed information as below↓ (Japanese)

Kids’ Snow Playground

Snowman looks embarrassed.

Right next to the Kids’ Snow Playground, “Snow Sled Area” is waiting for your challenge! Try snow sledding as many times as you want!

Further information about the Snow Land is bellow↓ (Japanese)

Extended Evening Hours
The Rokko Snow Park is open until 8 pm on Saturday, Sunday, and national holiday.

Not only the daytime, but the evening time will surely captivate you! Unleash your playfulness in the snow!

Before dusk

After the sunset, the Park dramatically changes its presence. It’s incredibly mystical. Compared to the daytime, since the slope is less crowded, it’s easier to focus on your own performance. Please don’t forget to prepare additional outfit to keep you warm for the evening hours. It’s much colder than the daytime.

Restaurant Information
The Rokko Snow Park serves a variety of dishes to satisfy your appetite!

Restaurant Alpine Rose
Located on the right side after the entrance gate.

<Winter special> Sukiyaki-style Wagyu beef hotpot combo (Sukiyaki-fu Wagyu nabegozen) 1,500 yen
This hotpot meal will absolutely warm up your entire body.

Yukidaruma Shokudo (Snowman Dining & Café)
Yukidaruma Shokudo is a light meal dining & café which is right next to the Snow Land. Feel free to swing by and unwind yourself for a while.
Snowman curry and rice (Yukidaruma curry) 770 yen
It looks so cute and tastes very mild. Good for kids!

More information about restaurants (locations, business hours, menus, etc.)↓ (Japanese)

Special Discount! Combo ticket information
Rokko Ski Ticket
This ticket includes;
1: Public transportation roundtrip fares (From stations of Hanshin or Hankyu lines to the Rokko Snow Park)
2: Rokko Snow Park admission fee (*Fees for the lift ticket and rental gear are excluded.)
3: Rokko Forest Sound Museum discount admission coupon.
【Via Hanshin Line】Adult: 2,900 yen / Child: 1,460 yen
【Via Hankyu Line】Adult: 3,050 yen / Child: 1,530 yen
Detailed info: (Japanese)

Rokko Cable and Ski Ticket
This ticket includes;
1: Rokko Cable Car roundtrip ticket
2: Rokko Sanjo Bus one-day ticket (unlimited-ride)
3: Rokko Snow Park admission fee (*Fees for the lift ticket and rental gear are excluded.)
Price: Adult / 2,430 yen  Child / 1,220 yen
Detailed info: (Japanese)

<Facility information>
Rokko Snow Park
Address: 4512-98 Kitarokko Rokkosan-cho Nada-ku KOBE
Tel: 078-891-0366 (Japanese)
Access information below↓


Mt. Rokko and Mt. Maya Event Information!
Rokko・Arima Special Drive Package (Japanese)
Period: December 1st, 2021 – March 31st, 2022

Source: Kobe / Mt. Rokko official outing site

Mt. Rokko Lighting artwork “Lightscape in Rokko” ~ Winter edition “Winter morning” ~ (Japanese)
Period: January 15th (Sat) – March 13th (Sun)
Venue: Rokko-Shidare Observatory

Source: Kobe / Mt. Rokko official outing site

The 4th Shimobashira (Collinsonia japonica) exhibition
Period: January 8th (Sat) – March 21st (Mon / national holiday)
Venue: Kobe Municipal Arboretum

Source: Kobe Municipal Arboretum

Winter Concert Without Musicians (Mechanical organ performance) (Japanese)
Period: until March 13th (Sun)
Venue: Rokko Forest Sound Museum

Source: Kobe / Mt. Rokko official outing site

Warm Winter Events(Japanese)
Period: Every Sunday until March 13th
Venue: Rokko Forest Sound Museum

Source: Kobe / Mt. Rokko official outing site