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The world’s biggest-class outdoor adventure parks “GREENIA” was just reborn! “Experience this creative, dream-like GREENIA world!”

Last year, in its first season, GREENIA broke the 200,000-visitor mark! In addition, further renovation was implemented during the off-season.
Mt. Rokko Athletic Park GREENIA just started the second season on March 19th (Sat.) 2022.
Today we will show you GREENIA’s upgraded facilities including stunning attractions in detail!

On the way to the park, a route bus decorated exclusively for GREENIA awaits in front of the bus stop next to Rokko Cable Sanjo Station.
Board this bus to get to GREENIA! The vivid colors that wrap around the vehicle are sure to spring up a feeling of glee!

A drive of roughly 10-minutes will take you to the nearest “Athletic Park-Mae” bus stop.
The photo shown above is of GREENIA’s main entrance gate.

Once you enter, walk along the path. In a couple of minutes, you will be welcomed by several life-sized cardboard cutouts of the famous Japanese YouTuber “Fishcher’s”!

The entire property is approximately 6 times as big as Hanshin Koshien Stadium (big baseball stadium in the Kansai region). GREENIA is highly regarded as one of Japan’s biggest and the most enjoyable outdoor adventure parks with 164 kinds of fun attractions.
*Make sure to check out more about GREENIA’s attractions↓

Allow us to introduce you to upgraded areas and attractions!
Variety athletic area (yahhoy)

(Source: GREENIA official website

No.12: Dive into the game
The giant mural is completely revamped!
The theme is “a back alley of a town from abroad”.

It’s definitely an instagrammable spot! Find your best angle and strike a pose!
Scan the QR code on the name board at each attraction to get the detailed instruction!

【Revamped Area】
Field athletic area (wonder yamambo)
This area was supervised by Fischer’s and upgraded based on the concept of “Secret Forest”.

(Source: GREENIA official website
To reach the Field athletic area (wonder yamambo), exit the park through the sub gate and take a stroll along the road.
Sub gate (*The photo was taken from the road.)

In about 5 minutes, you’ll be able to see the entrance.

5 new attractions, which were chosen selectively from 439 entries from last summer’s contest, were delightfully added to the Field athletic area (wonder yamambo).

【5 new fun, dream-like attractions】

No.1: Go over the mountain and valley

No.2: Climb a huge bookshelf

No.3: Tarzan kick

No.4: Fly on a broom

No.37: Fischer’s river crossing

【Secret Forest】

This area, which consists of two zones (dream-like athletic park and wonder yamambo), has been showing its presence for more than 40 years. Conquer all 40 fun attractions!
Here are the two attractions that were upgraded below;

No.6: Cross the furin wind chime bridge

No.7: The secret of yamambo

Get a thrill out of wonder yamambo’s attractions, circularly arranged in the area, and reach the Goal!

The best season for outdoor activities is just around the corner and GREENIA is an ideal destination with abundant nature, clear sky, and fresh air. Let’s take an unforgettable outdoor adventure!

【New! Rokko Cable Athletic Coupon (tickets)】
Rokko Cable Athletic Coupon is a real steal if you plan to use public transportation services to visit GREENIA. The tickets include Rokko cable car (roundtrip), Rokko Sanjo bus (one day unlimited-ride), and GREENIA admission ticket.
Price: Adult 3,250 yen / Child 2,20 yen
Sales period: March 19th (Sat.) – October 31st (Mon.)
Purchase privilege: GREENIA×Fischer’s special button badge giveaway (*not sold in the stores / first come, first served)
See more details below↓

【Rokko Cable Car 90th Anniversary Promotion】

The Rokko Cable Car marked its 90th anniversary on March 10th!
As a commemorative gift, the cable passengers will be awarded a “Rokko Cable Car 90th Anniversary Original Button Badge”.
*Check out the related article↓

[Giveaway Period (Weekends and Holidays Only)]
1: (Yellow Badge) March 12th (Sat.) – 27th (Sun.)
2: (Pink Badge) April 2nd (Sat.) – 30th (Sun.)
*You’ll be able to receive the badge at 7:10 am or later.
*First come, first served (up to 100 badges / each color)
Venue: Rokko Cable Shita Station
In addition, a variety of the 90th anniversary-related events will be held one after another.

【Facility information】
Rokko Athletic Park GREENIA
Official website:
Address: 〒657-0101 4512-98 Kitarokko, Rokkosan-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe
TEL: 078-891-0366
Opening period: March 19th (Sat.), 2022- November 23rd (Wed. / national holiday)
Opening hours: 10 am-5 pm (Last admission at 4:30 pm)
Access information:

【Mt. Rokko and Mt. Maya event information】
Spring Special Promotions in the Arima Onsen Area
<Free ropeway and cable car ride for children>

(Source: Mt. Rokko and Mt. Maya Aerial Ride official website:
Rokko-Arima Ropeway and Maya Viewline have just started their special promotion, offering free ride services for children. Please come and relish this beautiful Sakura blooming season with family and friends.

Terms of use:
Only children under primary school student’s age apply.
An adult (guardian) along with up to 4 children is accepted.
No reservation needed.
Promotion period:
March 26th (Sat.) – April 7th (Thu.)
More information↓ (Japanese)

Mt. Maya Spring Mountain Opening (Maya Moude Festival)
(Source: Mt. Maya official blog “Maya Log”)

Event date: March 26th (Sat.)
Event hours: 10:30 am – noon
*The event may be canceled in case of the severe weather as of 7 am, March 26th.
Venue: Mt. Maya Kikuseidai, Mayasan Tenjoji Temple
Admission fee: free
Detailed information: (Japanese)

【Mt. Maya Spring Lake Opening Event “Experience UFO!?”】
This UFO does not stand for Unidentified Flying Object but Unidentified Floating Object!
Enjoy canoeing and standup paddleboarding on Lake Hodaka!

(Source: Mt. Maya official blog “Maya Log”)

Event date: March 26th (Sat.)
Event hours: Noon – 3 pm
Venue: Lake Hodaka
Access: A free shuttle taxi ride from Mt. Maya Kikuseidai (*The taxi departs every 15 minutes.)
Detailed information: (Japanese)

【Player Piano Performance Show】
Period: until March 30th (wed.)
Venue: Rokko Forest Sound Museum

Source: Rokko Forest Sound Museum

【Spring Concert Without Musicians (Mechanical organ performance)】
Period: March 19th (Sat.) – May 11th (Wed.)
Venue: Rokko Forest Sound Museum

Source: Rokko Forest Sound Museum

【Plant Hunter’s Garden】
Period: March 19th (Sat.) – June 19th (Sun.)
Venue: Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden

Source: Kobe / Mt. Rokko official outing site