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Kobe Municipal Arboretum~Find your favorite hydrangeas while enjoying forest bathing! ~

The Kobe area is currently being showered by the warm waters of the rainy season. Providing nourishment to the local plant life, setting every flower into full bloom. Speaking of flowers, if you were to ask “what is the best flower of this period?”, most of the Kobe locals would say “It’s the Ajisai”. “Ajisai” is the Japanese name for Hydrangea. At the Arboretum, a wide array of hydrangeas are exhibiting their beautiful presence with delicate colors, waiting to ease your mind and soul.

Kobe Municipal Arboretum is approximately a 25 minute-drive away from downtown Kobe and it has been loved by local hikers as a popular hiking route in the Mt. Rokko area.

Kobe Municipal Arboretum Map (Japanese)

Appropriately chosen by Kobe citizens, the hydrangea (ajisai) is well-known as the flower symbol of Kobe. At the Arboretum, 50,000 hydrangea plants (25 kinds, 350 variations) have been raised. On top of that, Shichidanka hydrangea serrata, which was once called “Rokko’s extremely rare flower”, is included in their collection.

Ajisai viewing “Ajisai slope – Ajisai park” route
(Source: Kobe Municipal Arboretum  Ajisai viewing in Municipal Arboretum-Kobe Municipal Arboretum(

During the peak of the ajisai viewing season, the color of the hillside toward the ajisai park will all turn a wonderful vibrant blue.

Information about the best ajisai viewing schedule is below↓
Flowering time of hydrangea-Kobe Municipal Arboretum(

「Hime ajisai hydrangea serrata」
In the Kansai region, it’s also known as Rokko blue.

Mt. Rokko’s most prestigious hydrangea「Shichidanka hydrangea serrata」

「Iyono samidare hydrangea serrata」

「Ezo ajisai hydrangea serrata」

Also, check out Ajisai path and Western ajisai park!

Ajisai viewing “Kita naehata – Western ajisai park” route
(Source: Kobe Municipal Arboretum  Ajisai viewing in Municipal Arboretum-Kobe Municipal Arboretum(

Ajisai viewing tour in the forest

Source: Kobe Municipal Arboretum
Until July 18th (Mon. / national holiday), various events related to ajisai will take place.
(*open daily during the event period)
More details↓

In addition to ajisai viewing, more attractive spots are dotted all around the area. Go explore them!

One of the most popular locations in the Arboretum「Haseike pond」

In the summer season, water lilies spread all over the surface of the pond.

Please unwind for a while at a table and bench with a relaxing atmosphere.
The tables around the Haseike pond are the best.

Cafe and Shop in the forest “Michikusa Terrace Perch”
Their original snacks, which are made with fresh milk and cheese from the local Yuge farm, will tame your hunger. As the Yuge farm is just 10 minutes away from the Arboretum by car, all their ingredients are very fresh. A special bread made in collaboration with FREUNDLIEB (a famous and long-established bakery in Kobe) would be a splendid option.

A collaboration menu item
“Toasted bread from FREUNDLIEB with honey and fromage frais (creamy fresh soft cheese) from Yuge farm”
Price: 650 yen (*with a choice of drink: +380 yen)

Variety shop in the forest “Le Pic”
The concept of the entire design is forest. Stop by and take a look at a variety of goods including local souvenirs, dairy products from Yuge farm, hydrangea nursery plants, etc.

Cafe in the forest “Le Pic”
This café is directly managed by Yuge farm.

Fresh vegetables and cheese sandwich combo (*first come, first served)
Price: 1,280 yen (*with a choice of drink: +380 yen)
The combo is served with natural yeast bagel made with domestic wheat, fromage frais, fresh herb, leafy greens and more.
Shop information is below↓
If you have a chance to visit Kobe in this rainy season, please make a detour to Kobe Municipal Arboretum and experience forest bathing with amazing hydrangeas (ajisai).

Facility information:
Kobe Municipal Arboretum

Address: 1-2 Nagao Kamitanigami aza Yamada-cho Kita-ku Kobe
Tel: 078-591-0253

Opening hours, admission fees, parking, etc:

Access info:
By public transportation
By car
By hiking

Rokko-Arima Ropeway Rokko Sancho Station was dramatically renovated! 

The main entrance of the station was moved to the south side of the building as seen in the photo above.

Aside from the original station name, the sub-station name “Rokko Garden Terrace・GREENIA Mae” was newly added. Also, the brand-new station name board was created in accordance with this renovation.

The station’s warm wooden based interior gives a sense of tranquility while simultaneously leaving you anticipating something special from your upcoming ropeway ride.
Detailed info↓ (Japanese)

Event Information:

Early Morning Special Opening Day”(Japanese)
Date: June 26th (Sun)
Open: at 8:30 am
Venue: Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden

Source: Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden

Plant photographer, musician, and traveler “Masashi Igari” Concert 
Date: June 15th-19th
Venue: Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden

Source: Kobe / Mt. Rokko official outing site

Early Summer Concert with No Musicians
Period:  – July 15th (Fri.)
Venue: Rokko Morinone Museum

Source: ROKKO Morinone Museum