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Shidare Museum ~See, hear, and touch! Observe great works of art! ~

The summer season in the Mt. Rokko area is now in full swing. Although this year’s summer heat here in Japan is harsh, the weather on Mt. Rokko is way nicer and cooler than in the downtown area. At the end of this month, Kobe’s renowned annual art festival “ROKKO MEETS ART 2022” will be held in the Mt. Rokko area. Prior to the festival, various art-related events and exhibitions just started at the Rokko-Shidare Observatory area. It would be the best time to go up to the mountain and check out the event while avoiding the summer heat.

Source: Kobe / Mt. Rokko official outing site

Shidare Museum
~See, hear, and touch! Observe great works of art! ~

Event period: July 15th (Fri.) – November 23rd (Wed. / national holiday)
Opening hour: 10 am- 9 pm (*Last admission: 8:30 pm)
Admission fee: 500 yen (*Under 4 years old: free)
Venue: Rokko-Shidare Observatory

The Shidare Museum is a preceding art event of ROKKO MEETS ART 2022 which takes place on August 27th (Sat.). Sophisticated artworks from 5 artists are exhibited at the Rokko-Shidare Observatory area. Come and experience their originative pieces created with fine techniques. (Japanese)

Rokko Shidare-related article is below↓

Today, we will share some of the artwork with you.

■Couch Potato Boy (Love and Peace) *Photo on the left side
■Mune no Doki Doki (Excitement / Heart-throb) *Photo on the right side
By Takahiro Sagawa 
Why not sit next to this heart-throb and take a selfie with him or go inside the Mune no Doki Doki artwork and experience its art world?

■Million-dollar night view
By Yukino Omura
This is a unique artwork that will be completed by visitors including you!

This one-and-only masterpiece will be comprised of about 13,000 stickers attached by visitors.

A marvelous view from Mt. Rokko is also very artistic and romantic.

Take delight in a superb sky view from the brand-new hanging chair!

As the theme color of the event is green, the restaurants in the area exclusively offer “green-colored dishes”.

For example, Rokko View Terrace serves “Rokko Shidare Green curry and rice” (1,500 yen). Spinach-based curry and a Rokko-Shidare-shaped decoration symbolize this event. Enjoy their spicy yet delicious meal with Rokko’s beautiful view!

The entire area is strikingly illuminated by green lights at night and the light exhibitions created with SONNENGLAS®.
Dried flowers from Mt. Rokko are included in the SONNENGLAS®. During the event, please swing by a variety shop “Horti” and make your own artwork with the SONNENGLAS®. (Japanese)

After sunset, the path from the entrance to the Rokko-Shidare Observatory is lit by a number of SONNENGLAS® lights.

「Midori no Akari」 (Green light)

■Lightscape in Rokko

By Masayuki Fushimi 
It is said that the green light is a special light that can only be seen from an aurora or a firefly in the world of nature. The green illumination hour (the photo above) added Rokko-Shidare’s signature seasonal lighting attraction “Lightscape in Rokko”. In August, the regular summer attraction “Summer night” and the special green illumination will be shown for 30 minutes alternately from 7 pm to 9 pm (last admission: 8:30 pm).

Detailed information↓

The whole Rokko Garden Terrace area will be enveloped in mystical green color.

Feel Mt. Rokko’s nature and experience cool artwork! The Shidare Museum event will never fail to entertain you.

Facility Information:
Address: 1877-9 Gosukeyama Rokkosan-cho Nada-ku Kobe
Tel: 078-894-2281

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Event Information: 

Event period: August 27th (Sat.) – November 23rd (Wed. / national holiday)

Source: Kobe / Mt. Rokko official outing site

Event date: August 27th (Sat.)
Venue: Rokko-Shidare Observatory

Source: ROKKO MEETS ART 2022