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Mt. Rokko Botanical Fair ~Let’s meet the father of Japan’s botany “Dr. Makino” ~

Spring seems to be just around the corner in Kobe since it’s getting increasingly warmer as the days go by and various plants are ready to sprout.
Ahead of the spring season, Mt. Rokko Botanical Fair has been jointly taking place at ROKKO MORINONE Museum and Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden.
The fair exclusively introduces the great achievements and works of a pioneer Japanese botanist, Dr. Tomitaro Makino, who was linked to Kobe. He is also known as the “Father of Japanese Botany”. Why not visit Mt. Rokko and enjoy learning about the charm of plants through the fair?

Rokko Botanical Fair

【Tomitaro Makino’s Michikusa (detour life) ~ Music, Japanese calligraphy, and interaction with people~】 (Japanese)
Period: March 18th (Sat.) – July 2nd (Sun.)

Source: Kobe / Mt. Rokko official outing site

◇Music concert with a pleasant aroma performed by automatic instruments◇
Sit back, relax, and indulge in a variety of songs related to flowers, plants, and Dr. Makino; played by automatic instruments with a pleasant aroma that spreads throughout the concert place.

The instrument, which is introduced by the staff member, is different in each concert.

◇Michikusa Stamp Collecting◇

Three stamp spots are installed in the property.

Special exhibitions, which describe Dr. Makino’s achievements including his personality, can be seen here and there in the venue.
Let’s have fun and collect all three stamps while wandering around the venue and experiencing Dr. Makino’s world.
Please be sure to check out the tiny yet beautiful plants in the SIKI Garden and feel the arrival of spring!

◇Limited-time Menu◇

Mori-no CAFÉ
Garden Burger 1,450 yen
Relish their signature hamburger! 2 Juicy patties, a slice of mozzarella cheese, fresh tomato and lettuce are
sandwiched in-between two savory buns made with oregano. It’s very filling!

■Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden
Mt. Rokko Botanical Fair
90th anniversary of the opening of the botanical garden
Dr. Makino’s track record ~Finding the doctor and plants in Kobe~
Period: March 18th (Sat.) – July 2nd (Sun.)

Source: Kobe / Mt. Rokko official outing site

Dr. Makino had visited the Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden for more than 25 years since its grand opening. You will know more about his personal aspects that didn’t usually show from the exhibits.

Toward the exhibition venue (the film hall).

The photos, Japanese calligraphy works, letters, videos, etc. The valuable records linked to Dr. Makino’s journey in Kobe are displayed.
◇Walk with Dr. Makino! Stamp Collecting Game◇

Stroll around the park and find 8 plants!

During the game, the picture and explanation of each plant will entertain you.
It’s the perfect season to see Coptis quinquefolia, loved by Dr. Makino.

Experience the attractiveness of the plants in the garden while enjoying the stamp collecting game!

■Botanical Fair Special Ticket (limited design)
First come, first served! Special admission tickets with a newly designed picture of Dr. Makino are now on sale.
Price: 1,900 yen (adult: older than middle school student’s age) 950 yen (child: older than 4 years old)
Place to purchase: Ticket counters at ROKKO MORINONE Museum and Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden. (*available until 3:30 pm)

Facility Information
4512-145 Kitarokko Rokko-cho Nada-ku Kobe

Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden
4512-145 Kitarokko Rokko-cho Nada-ku Kobe


ROKKO MEETS ART (Art Walk) 2023「beyond」will be held!
【Event period】August 26th (Sat.) – November 23rd (Thu. / national holiday)
Art pieces associated with landscapes, nature, culture, or facilities in the Mt. Rokko area are openly offered to general public participants. (until May 5th (Sun.))
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