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Rokko Cable Car 88th Anniversary! Original Button Badge Giveaway! Find delight in the Rokko Cable Cars and collect their special limited time items!

The Rokko Cable Car began service in the 7th year of the Showa Period (1932) and celebrated its 88th year as of March of this year. To mark this memorable occasion, passengers who ride the cable car on a weekend or holiday from Saturday, July 4th to Sunday, September 27th, will be awarded a Rokko Cable Car 88th Anniversary Original Button Badge as a commemorative gift!

Its the height of summer and Mt. Rokko is overflowing with verdant greenery. Why not use this perfect opportunity to take the retro-yet-solid cable car up and leisurely enjoy the cool summit?

[Giveaway Period (Weekends and Holidays Only)]
① (Red Badge: pictured on left) Saturday, July 4th ~ Sunday, July 26th
② (Blue Badge: pictured in center) Saturday, August 1st ~ Sunday, August 30th
③ (Black Badge: pictured on right) Saturday, September 5th ~ Sunday, September 27th

In keeping with the 88th Anniversary theme, only the first 88 passengers each day will obtain a badge. It’s first come, first served. Please don’t delay!
In addition, as all three of the badges look super cute and appealing, don’t miss out on collecting all 3 and bask in the unrestrained freedom of Mt. Rokko’s summer.
And now, we present to you the history and charm of the Rokko Cable Car which has been running for approximately 9 decades.

Rokko Cable Shita Sta. sits nestled at the foot of Mt. Rokko in a retro cabin style building. This is the second installment of the station, the first having fallen to the Great Hanshin Flood in the 13th year of the Showa Period (1938). The distance between Rokko Cable Shita Sta. and Rokko Cable Sanjo Sta. is 1.7 km and the duration is about 10 minutes. The difference in elevation is approximately 493m.

This is the 3rd generation cable car – running since the 11th year of the Heisei Period (1999).
The ones taken on the way up this time were the #2 and #4 Retro Style Cars which were modeled after the former Hanshin Train Car Model 1 and the former Kobe City Tram. Unlike many parts elsewhere in the world, it operates with a connected boxcar on the upper side and a viewing car on the lower side.

Incidentally, the cars on the way down today were the legendary “#1 and #3 Classic Style Cars” with their attractive festive colors.

And were off! This is the interior of the #2 Retro Style Car. The seats in the upper car are made out of moquette (soft, velvety fabric). Furthermore, the carpeted floor lends to the calm, relaxed atmosphere.

The window next to the car operators booth at the very front of the upper car allows one to see a myriad of hydrangea flowers along the long and continuing path – sure to fill you with excitement.

The lower car has seats and flooring made from natural wood. The very open atmosphere with no windows and a see-through roof will surely let you experience the lush nature of Mt. Rokko, such as the cool mountain breeze, the woody fragrance of the forest, and the pleasant harmony of the waterfalls.

If you sit on the lowest seat, you can enjoy a spectacular view of Kobe City and the Seto Inland Sea (Setonaikai).

And now, after a 10 minute ride, we’ve arrived at Rokko Sanjo Sta.

Compared to Rokko Cable Shita Sta., the platform at Rokko Sanjo Sta. is a little steeper. You will naturally begin to feel that youve ascended Mt. Rokko.

The moment you step from the platform into the station building, the finely aged and classic aura from the entire interior will warmly envelop you. When you’re standing in this vintage space from the Showa Period, you may even feel as though you’ve slipped back through time.

Rokko Sanjo Sta. has maintained the same appearance all the way from its establishment back in the 7th year of the Showa Period (1932). This station building, ornamented in the Art Deco style, was selected as one of the top 100 stations in Kinki (region around Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, etc.) in 2000, and in 2007, Japans Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry designated it as a Heritage of Industrial Modernization.

The inside of the station building has lots of fun exhibits for families to learn and appreciate that include an illustrated and easy to understand guide about the cable cars, nostalgic early designed plastic models of the cars, and a fun comic foreground, and more.

On The 3rd floor of Rokko Sanjo Sta., a superb view spot called “Tenran Observatory (Tenrandai Observation Platform)” will be waiting for you. Enjoy casting your eyes over several stunning surrounding areas like Kobe, Osaka, Wakayama, and Awaji Island.

Take in the clear blue sky and sea, the soft white clouds, and the deep green Rokko mountains. Relish in the unlimited freedom of your surroundings. Of course, the marvelous night view from the terrace is not to be missed either.

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“Go visit Mt. Rokko and take pleasure in the ‘Ten Million Dollar Night View’”

Why don’t you take a short breather at the adjoined “TENRAN CAFE”?

After you’ve enjoyed your recess, head out to the bus stop just outside the exit of Rokko Sanjo Sta. and take the Rokko Sanjo Bus or the Rokko-Maya Sky Shuttle Bus and, starting with the lovely Rokkosan Pasture, embrace the bountiful nature of the Rokko-Maya area.

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●See the link below for access information for the Rokko Cable Car Service


【Detailed Facility Information】
Rokko Cable Service
Address: Nishiyama 8-2, Takaha, Nada-ku, Kobe
TEL: +81 078-861-5288
Hours: 7:10~21:10


<Mt. Rokko & Mt. Maya Summer Event Information>


Alice Fair at Mt. Rokko
Sat. July 4th ~ Mon. August 31st
Place: Rokko Garden Terrace

Special Exhibition “Musical Box Theater John Tenniel ‘Alice in Wonderland’”
Sat. July 4th ~ Wed. September 9th 10:30~16:30 (Starting the 30th minute of each hour and lasting 15 mins.)
Place: Rokko International Music Box Museum

Animal Search Game
Thur./Holiday July 23rd ~ Sun. August 30th every day from 10:00-16:30
Place: Rokkosan Country House

Cool Evening Barbecuing
Sat. August 8th ~ Sun. August 9th, Thur. August 13th ~ Sat. August 15th 17:00~20:00
Place: Rokkosan Country House Barbecue Place

Mt. Rokko Light Art “Lightscape in Rokko” ~ Summer Version “Summer is Night”
Mon. July 20th ~ Mon. August 31st 19:00~21:00 (Reception closes at 20:30)
Place: Rokko-Shidare Observatory

Rokkosan Mystery Solving Game “Rokko Kingdom and the Sword of the Gods”(Japanese)
Sat. May 30th ~ Tues./Holiday November 3rd
Place: Rokkosan Country House


Mt. Maya Tanabata Festival (Japanese festival celebrating the meeting of the deities Orihime and Hikoboshi)(Japanese)
Thurs. July 23rd ~ Sat. August 8th
Place: Maya Viewline (Hoshi no Eki Sta. and Maya Cable Sta.), Hôtel de Maya, Mayasan Tenjo-ji Temple, House of Nature, Rokkosan Pasture, Kobe Municipal Arboretum, Rokko Cable Shita Sta.

Mt. Maya Sasaoi Tanabata Festival(Japanese)
August 8th, 2020 16:00 – 18:00
Place: Mayasan Kikuseidai~Tenjo-ji Temple

Yonman-Rokusen-Nichi (Day of 46,000 Blessings) Festival(Japanese)
11:00 August 8th, 2020 – 12:30 (after midnight) August 9th 2020
Place: Mayasan Tenjo-ji Temple

Heading to the Sea and Mountains(Japanese)
August 10th, 2020 11:00 – 16:30
Place: Lake Hodaka

Mt. Maya Backpack Market(Japanese)
August 15th, 2020 11:00 – 16:00
Place: Kikuseidai Observation Platform


【Access to the Rokko Cable Shita Sta.】
The Kobe City Bus Route #16 is one of the most convenient ways to get to the pasture from downtown Kobe. Take the bus from Hankyu Rokko Station (JR Rokkomichi Station, or Hanshin Mikage Station) to reach the “Rokko Cable Shita” bus stop.

*The #16 bus stop at the Hankyu Rokko Station is right in front of exit 3.

You can easily find the bus stop as the ⑯ sign stands out.

Please get off at “Rokko Cable Shita” bus stop. The Rokko Cable Car Station is right before your eyes. The classic building will make you anticipate something adventurous.