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Mt. Rokko’s outdoor adventure park “GREENIA”
~Limited-time event offered only in 2024 「#photoathletic」has just arrived!~

The nice and warm spring season has come to Kobe and it’s undeniably the best period to become absorbed in outdoor activities. To its delight, GREENIA turns 4 years old this year and the new limited-time attractions, which are exclusively offered during the 2024 season, are welcoming your visit. The theme of the event with the new attractions is “Adventurous tour around the world”. This event, which comes along with the optical illusion artworks named “#photoathletic”, has been taking place.

Take the Sanjo bus at Rokko Cable Car Rokko Sanjo Station. The bus will bring you to the second entrance gate of GREENIA in about 10 minutes. The main entrance gate is a 5-minute walking distance away from here.

Purchase admission tickets at the main gate and enter the park! A photo spot designed with the Fischer’s, who is a big shot in the Japanese YouTube society, is waiting for you!

Why not stop by and take photos while you anticipate something special from your upcoming exciting adventure at GREENIA!

Make sure to get the leaflet and postcard for the stamp collecting event (stamp rally) at the counter right next to the entrance! 6 stamp collecting spots are dotted in the park. Find all 6 spots and collect every stamp!
■GREENIA×Fischer’s Stamp collecting event (stamp rally) 2024 (English)

(GREENIA adventure map)
In the yahhoy area, the new event “#photoathletic” is being held and the area contains 3 stamp collecting spots.
Don’t forget to collect stamps there!

◇Limited-time new event offered only in 2024 「#photoathletic」◇ (English)
We will show you some of the eight new attractions in the yahhoy area!

No.5 “Climbing over ancient ruins” (English)
Mystical ancient ruins suddenly appeared in GREENIA. Try your best to climb 3 different sizes!

Locate the camera sign in each attraction like in the photo above, take photos of the attraction from the camera spot and see how more enjoyable optical illusion artworks appear in the photos.

No.17 “Sloping wall in a magma pond” (English)

In the yahhoy kids area that is annexed to the yahhoy area, fun attractions especially for kids up to 4th grade of primary school are proudly organized.

No.25 “Lift it up! Good catch of fish” (English)

Work together and catch the legendary fish with pink lips!

Apart from the attractions that we shared this time, an additional variety of attractions are lined up!
All seven areas of GREENIA are composed of field, waterside and aerial attractions. Check them out and try as many attractions as possible and you will get hungry for sure! Now, it’s time to grab something to eat!

The restaurant “Alpine Rose” is located on the shore of the pond. This spacious restaurant will provide you with the best atmosphere after a fun time playing all around the park. Sit back, relax, and relish delectable dishes from their great selection such as Japanese style Hamburg steak, rice and curry and more! (English)
It would be a grand idea to try their collaborative menu items which feature the Fischer’s logo. The two types of Fischer’s logo-shaped rice dishes are so cute and they will unquestionably boost your appetite.

The one in the front of the photo: The Fischer’s seafood white curry and rice 1,100 yen (tax included)
The one in the back of the photo: The Fischer’s hashed beef and rice 1,000 yen (tax included)

Moreover, the GREENIA facility also has a barbeque site where visitors can also savor the outdoor vibes. (English)

Reservation is required beforehand. Go check out the official website for more details with regard to the admission process.

All necessary items for the barbeque, which includes food ingredients, can be purchased and rented on the site. On top of that, various types of areas (with roof, under the shade of the tree, etc.) are prepared. Make a reservation, come to the site empty-handed, pick your favorite area, and enjoy barbequing with friends or family members as you like!

Also, what do you say to having a soft-serve ice cream when you crave something cold while playing?

Mokomoko cloud-shaped soft-serve ice cream 400 yen (tax included)
As the most premium Mt. Rokko Sanroku milk is used for this ice cream, it tastes super rich. Don’t miss out!

The outdoor activity season has just started. Let’s hit the road for your adventure that you can only experience this year, 2024!

Facility Information
Rokko Athletic Park GREENIA
Address: 4512-98 Kitarokko, Rokkosan-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe
TEL: 078-891-0366 (English)

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(*Some of the events and attraction services may have already ended depending on the schedules.)