Relish various night views from multiple viewpoints in a single area!


Rokko Garden Terrace
Relish various night views from multiple viewpoints
in a single area!

Garden Terrace

Rokko Garden Terrace is an attractive night view spot

with an exotic atmosphere and four different viewpoints.

Revel in a variety of night views depending

on the time and angle at each viewpoint!

Night viewpoint1

Sightseeing Attractions

Night viewpoint2

Witness a dynamic night view of Osaka from the bench at Miharashino View Deck.

Miharashino View Deck 1
Miharashino View Deck 2

What’s more, from Miharashino Terrace, you can overlook Kobe, Hanshin, and Osaka Bay beyond Mt. Rokko.

Miharashino Terrace 1
Miharashino Terrace 2

Experience a panoramic view from Akashi Strait to Osaka from Miharashino Tower. The lights filling Rokko Garden Terrace themselves are also a part of the night view.

Miharashino Tower 1
Miharashino Tower 2

Delight in both a ten-million-dollar night view and colorful fantastic light art at Rokko-Shidare Observatory.


There used to be a hotel before Rokko-Shidare Observatory. The hotel was named “Ryounso” as it was located in a high place where it can float above the clouds.

Locals’ information

If you arrive at the Miharashino View Deck before dusk, it would be a great idea to try a traditional Japanese practice called “Kawarake-nage (throwing unglazed pottery)” to ward off evil and encourage good fortune.

Facility information

Rokko Garden Terrace

1877-9 Gosukeyama Rokkosan-cho Nada-ku, Kobe

Rokko-Shidare Observatory

Fee: 310 yen / adult, 210 yen / child (4 years old to elementary student age)

Business hours:


Rokko Sanjo Bus at Rokko Cable “Rokko Sanjo Station” →
“Rokko Garden Terrace” bus stop

Rokko Cable:

Rokko Sanjo Bus:

Parking lot

Weekdays: 9:30 am ~ 9 pm
Weekends & Holidays: 9:30 am~ 9 pm

*It varies depending on the season

Fee: 500 yen (weekdays) 1,000 yen (weekends & holidays)
2,000yen (peak season)