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Kobe's hiking routes
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A course to experience the history of Kobe by visiting monuments engraved with poems.

Nunobiki Poem-Engraved Monuments

Visit the monuments engraved with the emotions of poets who visited the Nunobiki area.



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Kobe’s mountain cuisine

Taishimichi Area

Along the Taishimichi from Ichigahara to Futatabi Park, beginners can enjoy the scenery of the four seasons on a well-maintained path with few ups and downs, making it easy to walk.

Futatabi Sanso

A mountain hut-style restaurant located within the Rokko mountain range, in the Mt. Futatabi Quasi-National Park.


A laid-back cafe located along the ancient path leading to Tairyuji Temple.

café&bar takibi neko

A cozy café and bar located in the Taishimichi area.

Nunobiki Area

Food spots to visit when hiking towards Ichigahara via the tourist spot Nunobiki Falls.

Ontaki Chaya

A popular tourist spot where you can dine while enjoying the Nunobiki Falls.

Momiji no Chaya

A well-known sukiyaki restaurant located in Ichigahara, serving as both the starting and ending points for various mountain trails.

Hot Springs

6 featured courses

Hot spring facilities in the mountains of Kobe

Hot Spring - Arima Onsen Kin no Yu

One of the leading spas in the country, frequented by Toyotomi Hideyoshi in the past.

Hot Spring - Kobe Rokko Geihinkan

The only facility where you can bathe in the water from the Kobe Nikenjaya Onsen at the top of Mount Rokko.

Deluxe Public Bath
- Tsuki no Yufune

A natural hot spring located in the western Rokko Traverse.

Deluxe Public Bath
- Hana no Yu

A natural hot spring located on the northern slope of Mt. Takatori

Public Bath - Minato-yama Onsen

A long-established hot spring once known as "Kobe's Inner Parlor."

Public Bath - Nada Onsen Rokko Michi

A public bathhouse near JR Rokko-michi Station where you can enjoy the hot springs.



4 featured courses

Popular spots to enjoy Kobe's autumn mountains

Mt. Higashi-Otafuku to Zuihoji Park

A landscape of Susuki grass that can only be seen in autumn

Suma Rikyu Park

A spot where you can enjoy nature throughout the seasons

Kobe Municipal Arboretum

Trees from around the world with vibrant colors

Futatabi Park and Shiogahara

The lakeside of Shiogahara Pond reflecting the four seasons


2 featured courses

Classic spots to enjoy the winter in the mountains of Kobe.

Frozen Waterfalls (Somatanimichi)

Part of the Tokugawamichi Road, also known as Cascade Valley.

Hoarfrost and Sea of Clouds

The route to the highest peak of Mt. Rokko, unique to the winter season.

JR新神戸駅にある登山支援拠点 トレイルステーション神戸