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CAFE 702! (Part1) It’s a completely hot and new winter experience in Kobe!

Visit Mt. Maya and revel in a magnificent wide view of Kobe while unwinding in an amazingly warm Japanese kotatsu table at CAFE 702!

Mt. Maya (Maya san) Kikuseidai is well-known as one of the best viewing spots in Kobe. By reasons of its easy access from the downtown Kobe area (approx. 30mins) as well as its night view, regarded as a 10 million-dollar night view, Mt. Maya has been loved by locals for quite a lengthy time. On top of Mt. Maya, there is a CAFÉ, “CAFE 702 (café nana-maru-ni)” where you can unwind and fully enjoy the day and night time views of Kobe.

CAFE 702 is situated on the second floor of Maya Viewline ropeway Hoshi no Eki Station, the nearest station to Kikuseidai. Incidentally, the number 702 stems from the altitude of Mt. Maya (702m).

Once crossing the threshold of the café, you might be greeted by the savory aroma of curry. Perhaps it’s because of the culture, historical background, or any other reasons, but many Japanese mountain hikers love eating curry in the mountains. And of course, Japanese-style curry rice is the best-selling item at the café.

In addition to their signature chicken curry rice, a variety of food and drink items including rice dishes, noodles, cakes, refreshments, alcoholic beverages are available to satisfy your appetite.

If you would like to enjoy the super broad view of the horizon, their counter seats are highly recommended. The Kobe cityscape combined with the port of Kobe will undoubtedly leave you mesmerized and you’ll lose track of time.

This is the place where hikers and tourists stop by and loosen up with delicious food and drinks while admiring the incredible view.

During this winter season, the café specially prepares Japanese kotatsu tables (as seen in the photo) for their guests. Kotatsu is a classic Japanese-style wooden table commonly used at home in the winter season. An electric heater is installed on the underside of a regular kotatsu table and a futon blanket covers the kotatsu frame. A kotatsu was the best part of Japan’s winter season and cultural-wise it was indispensable for Japanese daily lives. Unfortunately, as fashion and trends change with the times, the popularity of kotatsu has fallen short compared to decades ago, especially in big cities. However, even so, a lot of people feel very nostalgic when they see a kotatsu. Some folks from older generations will relive their good old days and some new generations will get excited by seeing a kotatsu that they might not have used before or only used at their grandparents’ homes.

Along with kotatsu tables, the café offers Japanese-style hot pot menus as a winter special. “Kotatsu” and “hot pot” are perfect companions for the Japanese winter.

When the weather is pleasant, their kotatsu tables may be set at the terrace area. Visit CAFE 702 and have an exclusive winter experience with a kotatsu, great food, and an incredibly beautiful view. It will be absolutely hot and memorable!

To be continued.


CAFE 702(

<Access to CAFE 702 from the Sannomiya area>
Kobe City Bus Route #18 is one of the most convenient ways to get to Kikuseidai from Sannomiya. The bus stop “Subway Sannomiya Sta. Mae (Chikatetsu Sannomiya Eki mae)” is located very close to Sannomiya Stations. Saka Bus is also very useful transportation to reach Mt. Maya and it departs from JR Nada Station.
*For more details, please go to the link below and check out “To Maya Cable car”.